What's a Good Way to Watch Episodes of "Martha Bakes"?


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"Martha Bakes" airs on PBS, according to the PBS website. To determine whether the program airs on your local station, use the PBS online programming guide. View clips of the program by visiting MarthaStewart.com or PBS.org.

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PBS offers an online programming guide that lists the programs airing on particular PBS stations across the country. To determine when "Martha Bakes" airs on your local PBS station, visit PBS.org/food. From the menu near the top of the page, select Shows. Find and select "Martha Bakes" from the alphabetical list of shows presented on the page. Next, select the Local Listing or Check Your Local Listing link. Enter the information requested, and follow additional prompts to learn whether "Martha Bakes" airs on your PBS station.

To view video clips from "Martha Bakes" through the PBS website, visit Video.PBS.org. Enter "Martha Bakes" in the search field, which appears on the right-hand corner of the page. Clips from a number of episodes are available for viewing.

To view video clips from "Martha Bakes" through Martha Stewart's official website, visit MarthaStewart.com. Click Video from the menu bar near the top of the page. Wait for video clips from "Martha Bakes" to appear on the page presented.

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