What's a Good Way to Get Various Images of Cartoon Frogs?


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To find images of cartoon-style frogs, visit various stock photo websites, such as FotoSearch.com, 123RF.com and iStockPhoto.com, and search for frog images. All of these websites require users to pay for photos, either individually or as part of a subscription.

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To find frog illustrations and clipart on FotoSearch.com, enter the term “frog” into the search box, and then click Search. Sort the results by choosing Illustration or Clipart from the drop-down menu on the results page. Click on the desired image to pull up its details, including size and price or the image’s display credit pricing if you have a FotoSearch.com subscription.

On 123RF.com, type “cartoon frog” into the search box, and then click the magnifying glass icon to initiate the search. Sort the search options by relevance, variety, popularity and other factors. Click on a frog illustration or image to see the image’s details, and then choose the desired size. The website lists the number of credits required for each size.

Use a similar process to find cartoon frog images on iStockPhoto.com. Click Illustrations from the top bar of options on the home page, and enter the term “frog” into the search box. Sort the options using filters such as lowest price, best quality, license type and color. Pay for the download by purchasing credits or buying a subscription.

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