What's a Good Way to Get an Audible Version of the Quran?

What's a Good Way to Get an Audible Version of the Quran?

Online purveyors of audio books, such as Amazon.com, and Islamic education websites are reliable sources of audible versions of the Quran, some of which are free. Each website offers downloadable versions or versions to stream online via common media players.

The selection of audible versions of the Quran on Amazon.com includes free MP3s that are instantly available on any connected Android device, audible versions of the Quran on CD and Amazon Audible audio editions. The free Amazon Audible audio editions require a download of Audible software, which has associated costs. CD versions of the Quran retail on Amazon.com for approximately $5 to $35.

The Islamic Academy is a religious non-profit organization based in Texas that offers all 114 chapters of the Quran in audible formats on IslamicAcademy.org. Each chapter is a separate recording. Similarly, the Admadiyya Muslim Community features a chapter by chapter recitation of the Quran on its website, AlIslam.org. Each chapter has an accompanying English translation.

Audio versions of each chapter are downloadable in MP3 format or high-quality M4A format.

Quran apps for iOS and Android devices are available on iTunes.com and in the Google Play store. Many are free, contain the Quran in multiple translations, provide touchscreen access of chapters and verses and are compatible with various social media platforms.