What's a Good Way to Access Different Bathroom Layout Templates?

What's a Good Way to Access Different Bathroom Layout Templates?

As of 2015, Kohler.com has 101 different layout blueprints of bathrooms of various shapes that accommodate a toilet, shower or tub and vanity. HousePlansHelper.com also has various layout templates. Many websites, such as EDraw.com and Victoriana.com, have links to popular software that allows users to create customized layouts.

As of 2015, Kohler.com gives over 100 layout designs with square footage and length and width of the bathroom. These layouts are good for homes that are built with typical dimensions that most builders use. This website, however, does not give dimensions for bathtubs or showers, toilets or vanities, as they assume buyers use standard utilities.

HousePlansHelper.com has its templates divided into categories, depending on the type of bathroom layout desired. Each category gives tips and pros and cons about the size and layout of each bathroom and the best way to utilize the space. Again, this website does not give dimensions for typical furnishings.

Many websites offer free software to design a bathroom from scratch based on dimensions and square footage of the bathroom. EDraw.com offers free downloadable software with which users can manipulate the features of a bathroom and its utilities.

Victoriana.com gives several links to free software. These allow users to create original blueprints and three-dimensional models of bathrooms for contractors to use.