What Are Some Runaway Stories?


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There are many runaway stories in literature. Some of the more famous stories that are centered on children who run away are Tom Sawyer, Thumbelina and Snow White.

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What Are Some Runaway Stories?
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Although many of the stories that feature storylines about runaway children or adults are fictional, there are a few real life stories of runaway kids that seem unbelievable but are actually true. Time Magazine shares stories of five children who had incredible experiences as runaways. A couple of the children mentioned are famous figures from history, but the others are largely unknown. Benjamin Franklin apparently ended up in Philadelphia because he ran away from his home and family in Boston. Of course, unlike many other runaways, his story turned out quite well, as he prospered in Philadelphia as one of America's founding fathers while also playing a pivotal role in the discovery of electricity.

Harry Houdini was also a runaway at the age of 12. He spent a year on the run, away from his family. He later rejoined them in New York and helped support them by working as a photographer's assistant.

Frank Abagnale Jr., whose life was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Hollywood movie Catch Me if You Can, began a life in crime on the run at the age of 16.

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