What Is the "Royal Pains" TV Show About?


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The TV show "Royal Pains" is a comedy drama that follows the career of a young doctor who becomes a concierge doctor for the rich and famous residents of a resort community. His new career as a private physician presents personal and moral dilemmas for the doctor.

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After being unfairly ostracized from the medical community following the death of a prominent patient, New York doctor Henry "Hank" Lawson takes an offer to move to the Hamptons to work as a private physician for its wealthy residents. Aside from treating the town's elite residents, Dr. Lawson also works with less fortunate patients who often do not have the means to pay for their care.

Mark Feuerstein portrays the brilliant Dr. Lawson, while actor Paulo Costanzo plays his brother Evan. Another notable character from the show is Jill Casey, played by Jill Flint, who is Hank's sometimes love interest and the administrator of the Hampton Heritage hospital. Reshma Shetty plays Divya Katdare, who is Hank's medical assistant, and Brooke D'Orsay plays Hank's sister-in-law Paige Lawson, who is the well-connected daughter of a U.S. Senator.

The USA network series first aired in 2009. The series is in its seventh season as of 2015.

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