What Are Romantic Shayaris?

What Are Romantic Shayaris?

Romantic shayaris are melodic Urdu poems which speak about love. They are used by lovers to express romantic sentiments but are also often aimed at the broken-hearted.

Romantic shayari or Pyar shayari is a poem of Urdu origin used to express romantic sentiments in a melodic and normally exalted manner. It is meant to be read out loud. In the 18th century, shayaris were recited by poets at special events.

The meaning of shayari in English would be a couplet. It consists of only four lines and can be an independent part of an ode or ghazal, expressing an individual thought.

Romantic shayaris are meant to bond, heal and induce intimacy. Due to their chant-like quality, they are believed to have magical powers. Although the main purpose of shayaris in the past was to speak about social and political problems, nowadays the most common and favorite kind of shayaris are romantic shayaris.

Fans of this kind of poetry believe it to be one of the most effective ways to express affection with the use of words. It is highly valued among both the Muslims and Hindus and is receiving recognition worldwide, due to positive criticism by some of the most important modern literary figures.