What Was the Roman Influence on Modern Architecture?


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One of the major influences that the Roman Empire had on Western architecture is that of creating buildings that are designed for the access of the public, according to About.com. This is best seen as an example in the Pantheon in Rome, where it is clear that the building is one of the first temples intended for access by the public.

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The Roman style of architecture provides large symmetrical buildings big in stature. They have easy access for the public, making them inviting to those utilizing them. The buildings themselves stand out as art work in the way that they are structured and often with the many stone embellishments and statues surrounding them. This is true of the modern buildings created after similar styling, as well as the style that is used for many city churches and government buildings.

The artwork in the Pantheon, as well as the domed roof, was a big influence for more than 2,000 years in Western architecture, according to About.com. People can see the influences in the Western world left by Roman architecture from the use of arches to the amphitheater style of design, according to EmpireRome.com. It is easy to see the elaborate styles in much of the architecture in major cities throughout the United States over the last several centuries.

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