What Is the Roissy Society?

What Is the Roissy Society?

A Roissy Society is a group based on principles set forth in the erotic book, "The Story of O," by Pauline Réage. Roissy Societies are like-minded individuals who practice the book's themes of bondage, dominance and sado-masochism.

Published in 1954, "The Story of O" opens with the main character, "O," being taken by her lover to a place called Roissy Castle, where she is introduced to a secret bondage and sado-masochistic society. The society is made up of three main roles: master, valet and slave. All women at the castle are slaves. During the next two weeks, O remains at the castle and gives detailed accounts of the rules and her experiences there. This is the basis of Roissy Societies.

Réage's novel outlines the role that each position plays in the structure of the society, including attire. The rules set out in the book are the same rules adopted by Roissy Societes today. While some societies have adapted or amended the rules for modern times, most Roissy Socieities follow the guidelines set forth in the story.

Roissy Societies' presence online includes organized groups like Yahoo Groups or as individual resource pages. Some sites, such as Ownership-Possesion.com, offer resources for users who are interested in following the Roissy lifestyle in reality. This site sets forth rules of the bondage and discipline lifestyle based on the book.

In addition to actual, physical groups, there are also Roissy Societies online in "SIM" format. In these groups, members are able to interact with one another through online role playing. Members of this type of Roissy Society create an online character that then becomes a member of the interactive group. Due to the nature of the story, these groups are often found x-rated sections of sites.