Why Does Roderigo Hate Othello?


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In William Shakespeare's play, "Othello," Roderigo hates Othello because Roderigo is in love with Desdemona. While Roderigo is wooing Desdemona, she chooses to run away and marry Othello.

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Roderigo was wooing Desdemona and was still very much in love with her as he hears the news that she has married another man, Othello. Roderigo also had more invested in this venture, as he was paying Iago to help him win her favor. Essentially, Roderigo is not only heartbroken, but he is out some cash, too. No one else seems to care for Othello, and this only adds to Roderigo's hatred for him. Peter Weller of Shakespeare's Navigators refers to Roderigo as a sucker because he cannot seem to win Desmona's heart on his own. Dr. Michael Delahoyde of Washington State University agrees with this assertion, stating that Roderigo continues to allow Iago to dupe him into thinking he still has a chance with Desdemona even after she returns to Venice a happy newlywed. To fuel his hatred for Othello, Roderigo has to contend with Desdemona's father, who does not like the sight of him, as illustrated early in the play when he tells him, “My daughter is not for thee” (1.1.106).

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