How Do You Find Rock Band Names That Are Not Taken?


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There are many online resources that can be accessed and searched to determine if a rock band name is already taken and trademarked, such as BandName.com and BandProtection.org, but the most accurate way to search a band name and to protect a name is to search the Trademark Electronic Search System through the United States Trademark and Patent office, which is available online at USPTO.gov. Trademark laws govern the brand or rights to a name while a copyright is based on laws protecting creative works.

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The musicians and artists profile on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website supplies additional information about the aspects of using, registering or searching band names. In order to find band names that are not already registered as trademarks, go to USPTO.gov and hover the mouse over Trademarks at the top of the home page. The trademark drop-down menu provides a link to search trademarks. Once a trademark is searched for possible name conflicts, the next step is to check to see the status of the trademark. If the status is dead, the name cannot be blocked as it is not a valid trademark.

There are many complicated laws warranting the use of a name and include proper registration, international aspects and royalties. Artists may want to consider consulting private legal services before choosing a name.

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