What Is Robert Frost Famous For?


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Robert Frost was a poet, born March 26, 1874, who became well known and celebrated for his realistic imagery of rural life in America using everyday language. Two of his poems include "A Late Walk" and "A Boundless Moment."

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Frost was born and raised in the city of San Francisco. His first book of poetry was published in Britain, after he moved there in 1912. In England, Frost also met many contemporaries which would later praise his work, including Ezra Pound and Edward Thomas.

Frost returned to America in 1915, when he bought a farm in New Hampshire. The farm is still in use today as both a museum and conference center for poetry. Shortly before his death in 1963, Frost performed a public reading at the inauguration of John F. Kennedy

Many academics and poetry critics have stated that Frost's work is still not fully understood, as many darker themes and undertones can be found in much of his work, despite the apparent wistfulness and charm of the subject matter and use of engaging, everyday language. These undertones often manifest as pessimism and seem to reinforce the message of his epitaph which reads, "I had a lover's quarrel with the world."

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