What Are Robert B. Parker's Books in Order?

According to Robert B. Parker's website, the first book he published was “The Godwulk Manuscript,” which was released in 1973 and began the famous "Spenser" novel series. The next novels Parker published all featured his private investigator character Spenser: “God Save the Child” was published in 1974, “Mortal Stakes” was published in 1975, and “Promised Land” was published in 1976. The official website of Robert Parker includes a full list of all of the books published by the author.

Robert Parker published a total of 70 books before he died in 2011. His final book, “Sixkill,” was published posthumously in May 2011. Along with Spenser, the author’s other well-known character is Paradise Police Chief Jesse Stone. Parker also created the popular series character Sunny Randall, a Boston private investigator.

Parker wrote a total of 40 books about Spenser, nine books about Jesse Stone and five books about Sunny Randall. The author also wrote a short series of Western novels that featured the characters Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch. Each of the books in the "Jesse Stone" series was made into a movie starring Tom Selleck. "Appaloosa," one of Parker's few non-detective books, was made into a movie starring Ed Harris.