What Is the Rising Action of "The Giver?"

The rising action in "The Giver" begins when the main character, Jonas, receives the position of the "Receiver of Memory." This starts him down a path where he discovers how bland life is without experiencing color, pain, joy and suffering. The Giver is the man passing on the memories to Jonas. They form a close relationship and begin to devise a plan to release memories back to the people.

The more Jonas learns about how his society sacrificed choice to maintain safety and peace, the more he realizes how much people are missing. He sees the pain, sorrow and suffering, but he also sees how those things make the joy and pleasures so much richer, according to SparkNotes.

As the plot develops, Jonas meets a young problem child, Gabriel, at the Nurturing Center. He begins a relationship with him, viewing him as a fresh start. Jonas even begins to transmit memories to Gabriel to help him sleep. Unfortunately, this puts Gabriel in danger of being "released," which Jonas learns is the same as death. This development speeds up the plans of Jonas and the Giver. They realize they must act much faster than they had planned. Jonas steals a bike, takes food and rescues Gabriel, escaping into Elsewhere. Elsewhere is what lies beyond their controlled society. It encapsulates beauty, joy and color, but also hunger and danger.