What Are the Richard Castle Books in Order of Publication?


“Heat Wave” was the first Nikki Heat book published, followed by “Naked Heat,” “Heat Rises,” Frozen Heat,” “Deadly Heat” and “Raging Heat.” “A Brewing Storm,” “A Raging Storm,” “A Bloody Storm” and “Storm Front” are Richard Castle books in the Derrick Storm series.

Richard Castle is a fictional and title character in the hit crime TV series “Castle” on ABC as of 2015. Nathan Fillion plays the role of Richard Castle. In the series, Richard Castle is a mystery writer living in Manhattan. Castle has numerous bestsellers to his credit. Books in the Derrick Storm and Nikki Heat series are his most famous and critically acclaimed works. As of May 2015, the show has successfully completed seven seasons and is scheduled to return for the eighth season.

Real books are published using Richard Castle as a pseudonym. The books are based on the characters Nikki Heat and Derrick Storm, the primary characters in the fictional novels written by Richard Castle in the television series. The books are well received and have become New York Times bestsellers. Fillion takes his on-screen image to real life appearing as the face of Richard Castle on the website and book covers. Fillion also attends book signing events.