What Are the Reviews for the NBC Home Shopping Channel?

What Are the Reviews for the NBC Home Shopping Channel?

As of March 2015, the NBC home shopping channel has received good reviews for its pricing and product variety, as well as bad reviews for poor customer service. The consumer ratings website Epinions.com gives the channel three check marks out of a possible five.

Reviews of the NBC home shopping network commonly include complaints about slow refunds after the return of purchased items. Customers report waiting months to receive reimbursement, with no adequate explanation from customer service representatives.

Another frequent complaint is slow delivery times, often stemming from insufficient inventory for popular products. Items offered on the channel come from third party vendors. When they deplete their supply, shoppers are left with no merchandise. Several reviewers criticize the company's failure to notify buyers about the problem.

On the website PissedConsumer.com, the NBC home shopping channel has received more than 125 complaints. The most common problem is with Value Pay, an installment service offered by the company. Customers claim that they have been excluded from the payment option without explanation.

Positive reviews for the NBC shopping channel compliment the range of merchandise available on the channel, as well as the quality of items received. Customers also give positive reviews regarding celebrity endorsers that appear on the station to sell their products.