What Are Some Reviews of the Movie Tavern in Bedford, Texas?

What Are Some Reviews of the Movie Tavern in Bedford, Texas?

The Movie Tavern in Bedford, Texas has received generally favorable reviews on major sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp, Facebook and Google Reviews. Reviews name cheap tickets, good food and atmosphere as positives. The negatives point at the dated state of the facilities.

Owned by Southern Theatres, LLC, the Movie Tavern franchise combines the cinema-going experience with that of a restaurant and cocktail bar. It first opened in Fort Worth, Texas in 2001, eventually expanding to nine states, 171 screens and 21 locations, including Bedford, Texas.

On Facebook, the Movie Tavern in Bedford, Texas was praised for having off-duty police officers within the premises, and for its tasty and well-prepared meals. However, it was also criticized for its expensive food and for lacking nutritional information on its products.

On TripAdvisor, customers praised the Movie Tavern for being a "great place for breakfast and a movie on Sunday mornings," and for having clean theaters and restrooms. They criticized the waiters' lack of experience and the dated facilities.

On Google Reviews, the theater received high marks for "revolutionizing the movie watching experience" and for its quality service. Most of the criticism deals with audio quality and the price of the food.

On Yelp, customers liked the cheap tickets and good service, but complained about the state of the facilities.