What Are the Reviews of "America the Movie"?


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"America the Movie" has received very low reviews by critics and movie goers alike. The main complaints about the movie include the filmmakers' biased views on American history, whitewashing of the darker moments in American history and using scenes that are not completely supported by fact to support the filmmakers' points about the country.

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The movie is told from a specific political stance and it does get some good reviews from moviegoers who hold the same views. The reviews on Metacritic and Rotten Tomato all mention the filmmakers message and how skewed it is against the reality of what actually happened in American history. The main point of the movie that has received any positive mention is the soundtrack. Bryan E. Miller is the composer of the music for the movie and Variety comments on the stirring opening that he created.

According to critics, the majority of the last part of the movie is spent by the filmmaker warning against President Obama, the Affordable Healthcare Act and numerous other programs that are unpopular with various portions of the American public. Despite the agenda of the movie, it is, on the technical side, a well done movie. The filming and the production are high quality, even though the movie makes use of the television style reenactments and interviews.

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