What Is "Revealing Heaven" Volume 3?


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"Revealing Heaven" Volume 3 is the third book in the series "Revealing Heaven: an eye-witness account" written by Kat Kerr. It was published in December 2014, and is available as an e-book from PDFLibrary.org.

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Kat Kerr is a licensed minister, author and sketch artist who writes about her spiritual experiences and journeys through Heaven in her series of books "Revealing Heaven: an eye-witness account." The books contain accounts of the lives of people she meets on her tours of Heaven and describe how they able to communicate with their families on Earth. She also describes Hell which she says is the alternative final destination for readers who are not able to follow the guidelines outlined in her books.

Kat Kerr published the first volume of the series in 2007 and the second volume in 2011. Both books are available in paperback format and contain illustrations by artist Walter Reynolds based on Kat Kerr's original sketches of the places she reports she has visited during her tours of Heaven, such as the "Throne Room" and the "Portal." Volume 1 contains "The Foreword" written by two "Scribe Angels" who, according to Kat Kerr, dictated the words.

Kat Kerr is President of One Quest International Corp., an organization based in Jacksonville, Florida.

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