What Are Some Retirement Poems?


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Some retirement poems are "Joy," a poem that talks about the change in routine that comes in retirement and "When You Retire," a poem that talks about the benefits of retirement. Another retirement poem is "Desire to Retire," a poem that talks about looking forward to retirement.

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"Joy" says that work is a journey that continues for many years. The poem comes from the perspective of a co-worker. The co-worker says that the retiree's co-workers expect to miss the person's presence at work. The retiree should enjoy her new freedom.

Similarly, "When You Retire" talks about getting more sleep in retirement. Even though the physical body suffers with age, the retiree can afford to buy a car. According to the poem, other benefits of retirement include having time to sleep and having nothing to worry about.

"Desire to Retire" talks about how the retiree looks forward to leaving work behind. The poem talks about how the retiree wished she could quit on more than one occasion. Even though the other workers enjoy her company, they wish the retiree lots of time to fish in the future.

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