What Are Some Retailers That Sell a Collection of Shirley Temple Movies?

What Are Some Retailers That Sell a Collection of Shirley Temple Movies?

ShirleyTemple.com, Classic-Movies.TCM.com, MoviesUnlimited.com and Amazon.com are some retailers that sell collections of Shirley Temple movies. Some Shirley Temple movie collections include The Early Years, The Shirley Temple Collection, The Storybook Collection, America's Sweetheart Collection and the Little Darling Collection.

The Early Years collection is a 2-disc set featuring 10 films, including "War Babies," "Glad Rags to Riches," "Our Girl Shirley" and "Biggest Little Star." The Shirley Temple Collection consists of 18 movies in a three-volume set, including "Heidi," "Bright Eyes," "Baby Take a Bow," "The Little Colonel" and "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm." The Storybook Collection offers 11 of Temple's favorite fairytale episodes from The Shirley Temple Show, including "The House of Seven Gables," "The Land of Oz," "The Little Mermaid" and "Babies in Toyland."

The America's Sweetheart Collection consists of six volumes sold separately, each featuring three movies. The Little Darling Collection features 18 movies, including "Curly Top," "Little Miss Broadway," "The Littlest Rebel," "Captain January" and "Stand Up and Cheer."

Shirley Temple was born on April 23, 1928, and starred in 43 feature films, 25 storybook movies and 14 short films from 1931 through 1961. She married Jack Agar at the age of 17 and had one daughter with him before divorcing after four years of marriage. She then married Charles Black in 1950. They had two children.

Shirley Temple Black went on to become the U.S. Representative to the United Nations, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Ghana and U.S. Ambassador to Czechoslovakia. She was the first woman to be U.S. Chief of Protocol.