What Are Some Retailers That Sell China Painting Supplies?

What Are Some Retailers That Sell China Painting Supplies?

MarylandChina.com, RynneChina.com, PaulaCollins.net and KayKnapp.com are online retailers of china painting supplies. RynneChina.com corresponds to a brick-and-mortar store of the same name, located in Hazel Park, Michigan.

Each retailer sells its own array of china paints, but MarylandChina.com and RynneChina.com also sell china. MarylandChina.com manufactures and imports custom-designed porcelain and ceramic pieces and also sells minimalist, modern porcelain dinnerware, tea services, serving accessories and porcelain religious items. Paint palettes from light to dark, gold and lusters, oils, brushes and kilns are some of its china painting supplies.

Similarly, the inventory at RynneChina.com includes white porcelain products and a selection of paint products, such as German sable brushes, oil paints, German Dresden gold, lusters and overglaze. Visitors to RynneChina.com can peruse the online catalog or request a paper catalog via snail mail.

Paula Collins and Kay Knapp are both established china painters, and each artist's website is a marketplace for china painting supplies and a source of advice, instruction and information about china painting seminars. The inventory at PaulaCollins.com encompasses Paula Collins' own brand of overglaze paint, porcelain painting brushes, and painting oil.

The china painting supplies available at KayKnapp.com reflect the artist's 30 years of experience. There are glass paints, china paints, china mist, matte paints and lusters to choose from. A diverse collection of brushes consists of sovereign blenders, cat's tongues, mops and shaders. There are also oils, starter kits and general supplies, such as brush caddies and styluses.