What Retailers Sell Black Jesus Paintings?


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Multiple online retailers, such as BlackArtDepot.com and Amazon.com, sell paintings, prints and posters portraying black Jesus and other black biblical figures. Some other websites offering black Christian artwork include ItsABlackThang.com, Zazzle.com and Etsy.com.

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When searching for black Christian artwork through online retailers, customers can browse, preview and purchase a variety of styles, mediums and subjects. For example, BlackArtDepot.com and Amazon.com both provide a range of artistic depictions of black Jesus, including paintings, prints, nativity figurines, and Christmas ornaments and cards. BlackArtDepot.com offers numerous works portraying scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, including pieces titled "Descent from the Cross," "Madonna and Child" and "Forgive Them Father." Amazon.com features a smaller selection of black Jesus paintings, such as the titles "Black Last Supper," "Black Jesus Knocking" and "Black Jesus Kneeling," as of 2015.

ItsABlackThang.com offers a large selection of African-American religious artwork. A number of these prints portray black Jesus, including depictions of his miracles, such as walking on water, and his birth. Many of the other prints portray religious gatherings and celebrations of Christ, including a number of pieces depicting baptisms, prayer and gospel choirs. For additional artwork options, Zazzle.com and Etsy.com feature a small range of black Christian items, including several contemporary portraits of Jesus alone and Jesus with Virgin Mary.

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