What Are the Responsibilities of the Film Producer?

What Are the Responsibilities of the Film Producer?

Film producers are responsible for supervising, managing and coordinating all aspects of production from beginning to end. Some of these aspects include financial and creative responsibilities, physical production, distribution and marketing.

There are several different types of producers in the film production process. Besides producers, there are also executive producers, associate producers, co-producers and line producers. Each different type of producer has different roles and responsibilities in the process of making a film.

For example, the executive producer typically works with the producer specifically on issues regarding funding and financial strategies. Often, an executive producer will be credited for either fully or partially funding a film project with his own money or helping to facilitate the funding of the film with third party financiers.

Line producers, on the other hand, typically help to create and manage budgets once a film has gone into production.

Associate producers are assigned tasks and responsibilities by producers. This can include almost any type of responsibility anywhere within the long process of making a film. Therefore, associate producers can be involved during any period of production but are not necessarily involved in production from inception to completion.

Co-producers divide producer responsibilities between themselves and operate as a single producing unit.