What Are Some Resources for Finding Information About Hip Hop Culture?

Libraries, music, and humanities departments within colleges and universities provide resources for finding information on hip hop culture. Cornell University, the University of Houston, Columbia College and Bowling Green State University all have hip hop collections and information about additional hip hop resources.

The Cornell University Library hip hop collection is a part of the Division of Rare Manuscript Collections. It includes sound recordings, videos, party and club fliers, original art, and photographs by Joe Conzo, a pioneering photographer of hip hop culture. There also links to online hip hop communities.

University of Houston's hip hop resources include print, such as books and magazines, corresponding websites and blogs, and a list of resources about contemporary hip hop culture in Houston.

Columbia College of Chicago houses its hip hop resources within the Center for Black Music Research. The collection includes resources on print media and recordings categorized by subject, such as hip hop definitions, overviews, resource guides in bibliographical form, history and biography. There are also guides to recordings and hip hop discographies, databases, collections of articles and essays.

Bowling Green State University's library owns its own collections of resources, including books, periodicals, sheet music, CDs and vinyl LPs in 45 and 33 rpm formats. The school offers a guide to its hip hop resources, which itself is something of a hip hop resource. The guide mentions websites, books and forms of media that correspond to early hip hop culture and pre-Run-D.M.C. to 90s rap.