How Do You Report a School Closing to WGN?

How Do You Report a School Closing to WGN?

To report a school closing to WGN, register on the Emergency Closing Center website. There is a fee associated with registering a school, business or day care with the Emergency Closing Center.

The Emergency Closing Center, or ECC, provides a list of closings for the Chicagoland area. WGN's radio and television stations both use this list on its various outlets. As of August 2015, the annual costs to register with ECC are $25 for day cares, schools, non-profits and government non-exempt parks and $110 for businesses.

To register a facility, click on the Register Your Facility tab, and fill out the provided form. The form requires contact information and helps ECC prevent the posting of incorrect information.

EEC shares the information with local media outlets. Users can search the website by facility name or telephone number, and the site can also send email notifications of closings. There is no cost to search the site or receive notification emails. On the home page, there is an alphabetical listing of all closings.

In addition to WGN, WLS-TV, WBBM and WFLD also use ECC to post notifications of closings. The site updates every 15 minutes, and WGN Radio administers it.