What Are Some Renaissance AR Books?


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Some Renaissance AR books include "The Renaissance" by Gail B. Stewart, "The Renaissance" by Rupert Matthews and "The Renaissance (Freestyle)" by Anna Claybourne. It is possible to find these books from the AR BookFinder website by typing the word "renaissance" in the search bar at the top of the page.

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In "The Renaissance," Stewart Gilbert talks about the history of the Renaissance era. He also discusses how the Renaissance era brought about new ideas in areas of life such as art literature, architecture and education.

"The Renaissance" by Rupert Matthews approaches the Renaissance era from an artist's point of view. This book takes 14 major works of art and explains how these works and other artifacts reflect the way of life in the Renaissance era for rulers, artists and ordinary people. The book interprets the Renaissance way of life from what can be seen in the work of arts and the artifacts.

Anna Claybourne's book shows how life was like in the Renaissance era in the form of a travel guide. The reader learns about the Renaissance people's food, shelter, attractions, shopping and health. This author has also written another book called "The Renaissance (Freestyle Express)" that covers government, safety and things to do while traveling during the Renaissance era, providing the reader with further insight into the culture of the Europeans during the Renaissance.

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