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Remix music is any music a person alters from its original state by adding, removing or changing sounds to create something new. People make remixes to adapt a song to a new environment, such as radio or nightclubs; to create a stereo or surround-sound version of a song; to improve the fidelity of an older song or to alter a song for artistic purposes.

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Modern remix culture has its roots in Jamaican dance hall music, in which producers rebuild tracks with elements of ska, rocksteady, reggae and dub. Producers add reverberation, delay and echo while dropping instrumental tracks in and out of the mix and isolating or repeating hooks.

Remixes are very popular for rap, hip hop, and rhythm and blues. Remixes in these genres often include a new artist performing on a different artist's song in what is known as a "feature." Sometimes, an artist from an outside genre participates in a remix to make the song appeal to a wider audience.

Remixes are also very popular with electronic music producers. Remixes have been very popular in this genre since the early 1980s, during which producers extended popular tracks so nightclubs could play them. The 1990s gave rise to the mashup, which blends two songs, and the V.I.P. mix, in which an artist remixes his own song. Both practices are still very popular, and artists often give permission to producers to remix a song for exposure.

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