What Is "Relationship Rescue"?


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"Relationship Rescue" is a self-help book that Dr. Phil wrote to help people who are having difficulties in their relationships. It focuses on bringing the two people together to focus on fixing the issues more than on figuring out who is wrong.

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Dr. Phil states that people cannot control or change their partners. What they can do, however, is inspire their partners and provide them with new behaviors to which they can respond positively. Readers are taught that rescuing the relationship requires being in a stable place first, because until individuals can live with emotional integrity, respect and dignity themselves, they cannot find that quality with or provide love for other people.

The book encourages people to understand that the current steps that they have been taking in the relationship are not working and that it is time to try something new. Individuals need to be willing to work on some of their emotional and behavioral patterns to get the results that they want. The book encourages people to get back in touch with themselves and to be ready to change the way that they feel, think and act in order to strengthen their relationships with themselves and their partners.

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