What Is the Relationship Between the Characters Stephanie Plum and Ranger?

What Is the Relationship Between the Characters Stephanie Plum and Ranger?

Stephanie Plum and Ranger are fellow bounty hunters and occasionally involved sexually in a series of Janet Evanovich novels. Ranger is a more experienced bounty hunter than Plum, and he intermittently serves as her teacher, mentor and right hand man.

Ranger's full name is Ricardo Carlos Manoso. He is a Cuban-American hunk with a reputation for driving black luxury sports cars and using mysterious techniques, earning him the nickname Batman. He is the CEO of his own security company, RangeMan LLC.

Plum encounters Ranger during the first book within the Plum series, "One for the Money." Ranger assists Plum on a search for Morelli, a police detective and murder suspect who is also Plum's ex-boyfriend.

The chemistry between Plum and Ranger builds steadily as they become acquainted, but it never progresses beyond lustful kisses, dry fondling, flirting and a few isolated occasions on which Plum and Ranger have sex. Their first full-on encounter occurs in the eighth book, appropriately titled "Hard Eight." Ranger insists he is not the marrying type, and in the fifth book in the Plum series, "High Five," the knowledge of Ranger's daughter comes to light.

Over the course of the Plum series, which is still ongoing as of 2015, Plum and Morelli rekindle their relationship, while she and Ranger continue to collaborate on high-profile bond enforcement cases. The mutual sexual tension persists to the latest book, "One for Twenty-One," published in 2014. During the first chapter, Plum and Ranger apprehend a target, and then Ranger attempts to seduce Plum while driving her home. She resists.