Does the Regal Theater Chain Offer Discounted Matinee Prices?

regal-theater-chain-offer-discounted-matinee-prices Credit: Montgomery County Planning Commission/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Regal Cinemas offers matinee discounts based on market and territory. Visit a local theater for specific prices or find prices online using the Regal website's "Find Tickets and Showtimes" tool.

Regal Cinemas operates 570 theaters in 42 states making it the largest cinematic chain in the United States. Each theater has an average of 12.8 screens with multiple movie showings per day. Approximately 220 million people attended Regal Cinemas in 2014.

The company offers rewards through its Regal Crown Club. Frequent movie goers can earn credits by buying concessions or movie tickets redeemable for a free small drink, small popcorn or movie ticket. The program is free to sign up for. Members also receive sneak peek previews of movies and discounts on candy products on certain weekdays.