What Are Some Redbox New Releases From 2014?

What Are Some Redbox New Releases From 2014?

Redbox releases from 2014 include such titles as "American Sniper," "Serena," "Project Almanac" and "The Cobbler." Redbox does not offer titles for download, so its collection of 2014 releases is more limited.

"American Sniper" is the final Academy Award-nominated feature from 2014 released on Redbox; the movie received a comparatively mixed reception from critics, who praised Bradley Cooper's performance, but ultimately found that many of the film's emotional cues were too predictable.

"Serena," a movie starring both Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, received very negative reviews, unlike the duo's previous two collaborations: "Silver Linings Playbook" and "American Hustle." The movie received a poor reception because of its heavy-handed storytelling and dour mood, with critics comparing it unfavorably to director Michael Cimino's notorious "Heaven's Gate."

"Project Almanac" received negative reviews because of its weak acting, predictable storytelling, and over-reliance on weak special effects. The film's critics also lamented the movie's failure to live up to its premise's rich possibilities.

Finally, "The Cobbler," directed by Thomas McCarthy, also received an overwhelmingly poor reception. While critics were pleased to see actor Adam Sandler moving away from raunchy comedies, they still believed that the film's narrative was lacking in terms of its storytelling potential.