How Do Redbox Movie Rentals Work?


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As of August 2015, consumers rent movies or video games from Redbox vending machines. After a customer pays for a one-day rental by credit or debit card, the machine dispenses the disc. Customers must return rented discs to any Redbox machine by 9 p.m. the next day or pay additional fees.

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How Do Redbox Movie Rentals Work?
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The website for Redbox allows potential customers to search for nearby vending locations. Consumers with accounts also have the option of paying online or through an iPhone or Android app to reserve discs. Redbox uses emails, texts and social media to occasionally offer discount codes. In addition, with the Redbox Pass Play program, customers earn a free single-night rental after 10 rentals. Redbox issues an additional free rental on a customer's Pass Play sign-up anniversary.

Because customers have the freedom to return rentals to any box, not all discs are available at all Redbox locations. However, reserved discs are always at the selected vending machines.

In addition to traditional DVDs, Redbox also offers Blu-ray discs. As consumers browse movies, they can identify a Blu-ray disc by the blue strip across the entry. In addition, the discs are labeled "Blu-ray," and their undersides are blue rather than the standard silver.

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