How Do You Recycle Encyclopedias?


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Encyclopedias or encyclopedia sets may be recycled through local libraries and school districts or a recycling plant. Additionally, encyclopedia owners may give away the encyclopedias online or re-use their paper in future craft projects.

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Whether a library, school district or recycling plant is willing to accept an encyclopedia or a set depends on their regulations and needs. Libraries and schools accept encyclopedias for educational use in classrooms and to check out. Recycling plants usually either accept the books at the plant or even come to pick them up from your home.

To give away encyclopedias online, some useful websites are Craigslist.org and FreeCycle.org. Craiglist is locally based, where users can post classified ads and arrange meet-ups to exchange, purchase or give away things. FreeCycle is similar but focuses solely on free giveaways.

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