Who Are Some of the Recurring Villains in the Batman Franchise?


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Some of Batman's most iconic and recurring villains include the Joker, Bane and The Riddler. Other famous recurring Batman villains include Catwoman, Mr. Freeze and Harley Quinn.

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Some of the most famous recurring Batman villains are those who challenge a specific aspect of Batman's character. The Joker, created in 1940, is often cited as Batman's greatest nemesis, due to his emphasis on chaos, whereas Batman is determined to maintain order. One of the most famous portrayals of the Joker was in "The Dark Knight," in which he was played by Heath Ledger. Other recurring villains of this type include The Riddler, who challenges Batman's skills as a detective, and Catwoman, who challenges Batman's masculinity.

Other famous Batman villains are those that have been created relatively recently, but became fan favorites due to their characterization. Some of these villains include Mr. Freeze, a mad scientist who specializes in cold weaponry, and Harley Quinn, the female sidekick and lover of The Joker. Both characters first appeared in "Batman: The Animated Series," and went on to appear in other shows, comics and movies. Another recent yet famous Batman villain is Bane, who first appeared in the 1990s. Bane appeared in "Batman and Robin," and was portrayed by Tom Hardy in "The Dark Knight Rises."

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