What Record Companies Offer Their Music Videos for Free?


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Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment offer free music videos via their joint relationship with Vevo, while Warner Music Group offers free music videos on Its own platform. Musicians on independent labels such as 4AD, DFA, Numbers and PMR also display their music videos for free on online video sites such as YouTube.

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Record labels can show music videos for free because the videos are monetized by advertisement revenue. On YouTube, music videos with ads make approximately $2.00 for every thousand views. After four months, the estimated profit from Robin Thicke's video for "Blurred Lines" was $350,000 following 76 million views. The types of ads that music videos use include banner videos, ads that are required viewing prior to the music video and ads that can be skipped after five seconds.

Record labels use other methods to make money off music without charging the viewer to hear it on a video, such as a record company identifying a song released under its label that is used to back an unrelated video and claiming royalties from the ads placed on the video. For example, if a wedding video involves a dance to "Harlem Shake" by Baauer, Baauer's record label has the right to place ads on the video.

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