What Is a Recipe From Bravo TV's "Top Chef"?


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Bravo TV's "Top Chef" has many recipes available, including Mei Lin's Strawberry Lime Curd, Toasted Yogurt, Milk Crumble with Mint, which is the recipe that won Lin first place. American celebrity chef Tom Colicchio called it the best dessert on the show's history.

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There are five components to Mei Lin's Strawberry Lime Curd, Toasted Yogurt, Milk Crumble with Mint. The strawberry lime curd is made from strawberry puree, eggs, sugar, butter, cornstarch and a lime. All the ingredients except the last one are cooked together, and then the lime is juiced and zested to taste.

The toasted yogurt is Greek yogurt, charred and blended. The milk crumble consists of all-purpose flour, panko, milk powder, sugar, butter and bee pollen. All the ingredients are combined then baked at 375 degrees Fahrenheit until golden-brown.

Another component of the dessert is a lime puree, which consists of 20 limes, zested, cooked in simple syrup and blended with grape seed oil. Lastly, there is a yogurt and lime ice, which is a quart each of yogurt and Mexican crema combined with the zest and juice of four limes. The yogurt and lime concoction is charged in a special whipped-cream dispenser and dispensed into a bowl of nitrogen. The dessert is garnished with mint.

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