What Are Some Reasons Why Roku Isn't Targeting Gamers?


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In 2015, Mathew Anderson, Roku’s Chief Marketing Officer, gave an interview to Fast Company in which he states that gaming has never been all that important to Roku because it’s not a core feature of their product, a TV streaming device. Thus, investing in gaming capabilities is not viewed as important for product development.

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In the interview, Anderson goes on to say that his company believes serious gamers are always going to want a gaming console while casual gamers are going to simply play games on their phones. In his view, this makes it less important to include games on a TV streaming device. Instead, Anderson says that Roku focuses on enhancing the TV viewing experience with high-definition, high-speed streaming features.

Fast Company notes that reviewers have sometimes been critical of Roku’s relatively limited games selection. Main competitors, including Apple, Google and Amazon, target gamers much more extensively. Google and Amazon feature wide selections of games in their streaming devices, which include various Android TV devices and Amazon’s Fire TV.

The fourth generation Apple TV, released in late 2015, includes built-in access to the App Store. Apple is also making a significant investment in developing games for the Apple TV. It also sells a wireless game controller for the Apple TV.

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