What Are Some Really Funny Poems?


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Some really funny poems include "Today The Teacher Farted" by Emma Briody and "Brain Food" by Irwin Mercer. Other funny poems include "Taxi Taxi" by Misty Elizabeth Bennett, "The Cafe" by David Bloomfield and "If Four is a Party This is a Parade" by James Guerin.

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"Today the Teacher Farted" is a funny poem by Emma Briody in which the speaker's teacher passes gas that smells like rotten eggs. During the poem, the teacher makes several attempts to keep her flatulence a secret, such as sitting in a group and blaming it on one of her students. However, the student knows that it was the teacher who passed gas because she smells it around the teacher's chair. The speaker also notices that the teacher avoids making eye contact and refuses to answer when asked about the smell.

Irwin Mercer's poem "Brain Food" is about a misunderstanding the speaker has when his mother tries to get him to finish his dinner by telling him that "brains love fish over all other foods." The narrator thinks this statement means that a brain monster is going to come to eat him because he has the monster's favorite food in his stomach. So he sprinkles sugar all around his room because his mother said that brains hate to eat sweets.

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