How Do You Read Money Magazine Online?

How Do You Read Money Magazine Online?

It is possible to read Money magazine online using the application available on Google Play or iTunes or the Next Issue subscription app. Pre-existing customers can also get the digital version for free on these apps.

Use the following process to read Money magazine online.

  1. Find the Money magazine app
  2. Go to the preferred digital media provider's website, either iTunes or Google Play. In the search bar, enter Money magazine. Scroll down to the magazines and click on the image of Money magazine.

  3. Download the app
  4. Click on the "Download" or "Subscribe" button. A new page should open up asking whether the user wants the current issue, a monthly or a yearly subscription. There may also be a "For Current Subscribers" option. Click on the desired option. Current subscribers will need to provide their name and other information for the app to confirm that they have a subscription and make the correct number of digital copies available.

  5. Pay for the magazine
  6. Fill in the customer information, including current address and name. Provide payment information for the subscription. This may be in the form of a promo code, credit or debit card and PayPal. Once the payment is complete or the current subscriber information provided, users should have access to the magazine through the app.