How Do You Read a Book?


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To read a book, it is important to find a comfortable location and settle in near a light source. Individuals who are reading complex material may find that it helps to read the table of contents and chapter titles first to get an idea of the structure of the book.

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Individuals who are reading novels or fictional material for pleasure may find that they know most of the vocabulary used in the book. Those reading non-fiction material, older fiction novels or textbooks for school, however, may need to look words up frequently. It may be wise to keep a dictionary near the reading area to make looking up new words quick and convenient. Individuals who own the book that they are reading may also find it helpful to highlight interesting passages or important sections of the text. Those who find that they are frequently interrupted during reading may also want to keep a bookmark handy to avoid losing their place in the text. Individuals who plan to read for long periods of time may want to take frequent breaks in order to avoid eyestrain. People reading at night may find that a lamp or reading light makes it easier to see the pages they are reading.

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