What Are Some Rare Austin Sculptures?

What Are Some Rare Austin Sculptures?

Some rare Austin sculptures include the "Gentleman Angler" as well as the "All Ears" Austin work. Other notable pieces include "Night Out" and "Fifth Avenue."

The rare Austin "Gentleman Angler" sculpture was created by Alexsander Danel in 1993. It features a fisherman carrying his fishing rod and bag. The piece measures 6 inches across and 13 inches tall, and is made of multiple types of bronze.

The "All Ears" Austin work, created in 1985 by Merry Scotland, features a family of rabbits. The rare sculpture is composed of durastone and a light layer of terracotta. Measuring from the base, it is 9 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall.

"Night Out," another rare Austin sculpture, was created by Russian artist Michel Katok in 1986. It is part of the Sophisticates fashion collection. The work features a woman figure in a lavender cocktail dress with a long trail, also wearing gloves and an Alice band. It is made of multiple bronze types and contains the signatures of the artist and the company on the bottom.

The "Fifth Avenue" Austin sculpture features a well-dressed woman in a coat. It was created by Alexsander Danel in 1989 and is made of blue bronze and durastone with black accents.