What Are Some Facts About the Rapper Nelly's Life?

The rapper Nelly once worked at UPS loading and unloading trucks in the warehouse. When he was 7, Nelly’s parents divorced and he moved with his mother near St. Louis, Missouri, spending most of his childhood without a father. In 2015, Nelly confirmed that he re-established his relationship with his father for the sake of his children.

Nelly's father became very abusive during his childhood, beating his children whenever they misbehaved. His father later apologized to Nelly for his abuse and bad parenting, which helped lead to their reunion.

While attending high school, Nelly formed his first musical group with some friends, which became known as the St. Lunatics. In 1996, the group received some local success, but Nelly soon realized that he might do better as a solo act. Nelly later signed with Universal Records, which released his debut album, “Country Grammar” in 2000. The album, which became a nine-time platinum record in the United States, featured appearances by the St. Lunatics.

Nelly’s next four albums also made it into the top three on the Billboard charts. When he isn’t recording music, Nelly has also made some appearances as an actor in films, such as “The Longest Yard” and “Reach Me.”