Who Is the Rapper Named Stack Bundles?

Who Is the Rapper Named Stack Bundles?

The real name of the now-deceased New York City rapper known as Stack Bundles was Rayquon Maurice Elliott. An unknown assailant gunned down the 24-year-old up-and-coming rapper in the lobby of his Queens apartment building in 2007.

Known to run in the same circles as better-known artists such as Jim Jones and Fabolous, an individual still unidentified as of November 2015 shot Elliott once in the head and once in the neck as he entered the lobby of his apartment building on June 12, 2007. He was reportedly performing at the Stereo nightclub in Manhattan just before his death.

Elliott got his big break in New York City rap when he approached the Harlem-based Jones and asked him to promote him. Impressed by his bravery and his skill, Jones put Elliott on a series on mixtapes and soon asked him to be a member of his rap group known as the Dipset ByrdGang.

At his funeral, fellow rapper Joe Budden described Elliott as a great guy with a great personality who was humble and intelligent. Budden said Elliott was "book smart and street smart."

Before his death, Jim Jones planned to release Elliott’s solo debut on his label. Elliott appeared solo on several mixtapes before his death but never had a proper solo full-length major label album.