What Is The Rake Story at Creepy Pasta About?


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The Rake is a story based on a creature created on the 4chan website and is about a paranormal humanoid creature that stalks and then attacks its victims. The version of The Rake posted on the Creepy Pasta website has a disclaimer that the poster is not the original author, but the story has been taken from elsewhere and reposted on the site.

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The Rake is a very popular story and has grown in popularity since its creation back in the early 2000s. The story and the creature became almost viral spawning websites dedicated solely to the topic, fan art and fan-made movies. The story was first posted in 2006 on a blog, but there is no indication on that blog if the story was the author's original content or if it was obtained from other sources. The story began to spread to other boards slowly, even making an appearance on the 4chan website where the creature was created.

The story is so popular that people have gone so far as to use images from games and other sources to create hoax videos and stories to post to websites like YouTube. Tumblr has a blog dedicated to the story and its related work. There are thousands of pieces of artwork on the Tumblr site and DeviantArt dedicated to the idea of The Rake as well.

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