Why Is "The Rainbow Bridge" Poem so Popular?


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"The Rainbow Bridge" is so popular because it offers comfort and hope to people grieving the loss of a pet. The piece's theme of reunion as well as its poetic wording help to make it so widely appreciated.

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"The Rainbow Bridge" is believed to have been written in the 1980s, though the true author is not known. It speaks of a place where deceased pets await the time when their masters pass away. The place is described as a green meadow where there is perpetually nice weather, plenty of room to play and lots of good food. Here, the piece states, pets are free from earthly pain and suffering. When a pet's master arrives, they cross a rainbow bridge together into the afterlife, never to be separated again.

The text is one of the most widely shared pieces of literature on the subject of pet and animal bereavement. Many pet-owners appreciate the poem because it pays reverence to the pain of losing a pet and offers consolation in the promise of an eventual reunion between owner and pet. Grief counselors often recommend that people read comforting bereavement poems such as "The Rainbow Bridge" to help them accept and move on after the death of a beloved pet.

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