What Is Rai Italia International?

What Is Rai Italia International?

RAI Internazionale is the international feed of Radiotelevisione Italiana, the national public broadcasting company of Italy. International packages from cable providers, such as Xfinity, often include the RAI Internazionale channel and its related programming.

RAI Internazionale corresponds to different channels, depending on geography and the cable provider. In some areas it may be available on channels 628 and 700 of the Dish Network, channel 279 via Optimum and channel 1772 through Verizon FiOS.

RAI, sometimes styled as Rai, offers a mixture of Italian-language programming and international programming with Italian subtitles or programming that is dubbed in Italian. For example, "Undercover Boss" appears on the RAI International channel as "Boss Incognito."

"Elisir" and "Telegiornale" are examples of original programming. The former, which translates as "Elixir," is a medical news magazine that covers personal health, living and ongoing dialogues between doctors and patients.

"Telegiornale" is the RAI news program that covers national and international current events. It typically airs during the daytime, and the evening equivalent is "TG1." "TG2 Dossier" and "TG2 Storie" are evening additions to "TG1," and they feature in-depth profiles of political and social figures and interest stories, respectively.

RAI Internazionale is one of the latest incarnations of RAI, which was called Radio Audizioni Italiane prior to 1954. Founded in 1924 and initially named the Unione Radiofonica Italiana, Benito Mussolini issued the inaugural broadcast.