What Is QVC and How Is Kathy Levine Connected to It?

What Is QVC and How Is Kathy Levine Connected to It?

QVC is a broadcast program that creates a shopping experience for viewers on TV, and Kathy Levine is a former host of this program. QVC was created in 1986, and since then has become a leading video and e-commerce retailer. It is available worldwide, providing live video content that viewers can interact with to make purchases.

QVC excels in selling beauty products, electronics, home goods, apparel and jewelry to people in the comfort of their own homes. Its hosts discuss these products extensively in order to encourage viewers to place an order.

One such host, Kathy Levine, worked for QVC for 13 years. She was among the first hosts, and sold millions of dollars worth of products. She was considered one of the most successful hosts ever, and was once paired with Joan Rivers to help Rivers sell her jewelry line.

QVC stands for Quality, Value and Convenience. These were considered the fundamental guidelines on which the company was founded. The shows broadcast on QVC vary throughout the day, each with a different theme or category.

The convenience of QVC was broadened with the development of smartphones and tablets, which enabled QVC to create mobile shopping applications and leverage social media.