What Are Some Quizzes That Tell You Who Your Harry Potter Boyfriend Would Be?


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BuzzFeed.com and Seventeen.com both have fun quizzes to find out which Harry Potter wizard is right for you. A few other sites with quizzes to find your Harry Potter boyfriend are Gurl.com and PlayBuzz.com.

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Each question on BuzzFeed's "Which Harry Potter Guy Should You Get With?" has nine different answers from which to choose accompanied by images. The quiz is all on one page, so going back to revisit a question to change an answer is easy. The questions and answers are humorous, but some are for more mature audiences.

Seventeen's "Which Harry Potter Guy Should You Date?" is a little more tame. The quiz has 10 questions, each with four diverse answers from which to choose. A lot of the questions are situational, so the quiz is engaging and feels unique.

Gurl's quiz asks 10 questions, and while fun, going from question to question loads a new page, so it takes a bit longer and isn't as easy to navigate between questions if you want to revisit one.

The quiz on Playbuzz.com is a good option for a someone who is pressed for time. With only three questions, it is straightforward and quick, so you get results straightaway, but it is far less entertaining than some of the others.

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