What Is the "Quilting Arts" TV Show About?

What Is the "Quilting Arts" TV Show About?

"Quilting Arts TV" is an informational program about the art of making quilts. Geared at both beginners and experienced quilters, the show includes tutorials, discussions about design, tips and advice, technical demonstrations, and projects.

Each episode of "Quilting Arts TV" has a theme that often coincides with a particular quilt artist's work, a certain project or some corresponding technical advice. Projects may include decorative and practical quilts, other types of quilted home decor, and quilt-like wearables, such as bags.

The series emphasizes combining art with traditional quilt-making. This ties into the work of the program's host, Susan Brubaker Knapp, a teacher, author and award-winning quilt artist. Knapp focuses on the basics of quilt-making and embellishing, including hand- and machine-stitching, while demystifying fiber art and mixed-media techniques.

Show segments often feature guests who discuss and display a unique or popular approach to quilt-making or the construction of a quilted object. On one episode in the 1000 series, Leslie Tucker Jenison shared her cutting and sewing innovations and her technique for creating quilts with hexagons, and Sue Spargo showed how to make a hand-dyed wool pincushion.

Project instructions for each installment of "Quilting Arts TV" are available for free in PDF at QuiltingDaily.com or in a slideshow format for website members.